Our quality policy

Our vision
Akad, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, have competitive prices, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, compliance with technological developments and sharing based on that understanding a leader in the worldwide medical industry its "VISION" has acquired.

Our mission
in domestic and foreign markets, aiming to protect human health and the treatment that allows you to bring to market the products of international standards, continuously and in a balanced way to grow our customers' satisfaction and their expectations from the health sector can meet the environment and respect for the community, well-equipped and trained our team to all our health care, our products with advanced technology, excellent to provide the quality of service.

Our quality policy
Quality is not a goal to be achieved, it is a process that needs to show continuous improvement and continuity
Our quality policy; Towards quality products suitable to regulatory laws and standards and to ensure the timing of customer satisfaction by offering services at competitive prices. In these processes to be efficient and productive, towards the sustainable development principles and objectives of management it is to maintain the quality system.
Akad as our quality policy;
• develops its product range by following the innovations in the health sector, the innovator and leader in the medical industry,
• without compromising on quality, keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level, offering affordable products to the market,
• guarantee to have the technical specifications stipulated in the standard of the products offered to the market,
• ensuring effective implementation of quality systems in all stages of production, increase product quality,
• performing the same mission all necessary training activities to improve the quality awareness of every employee in the organization who provide organized around a common vision and strategy and forming a corporate culture,
• Customer requests and allowing the efficient operation of the quality system to meet the legitimate expectations
• revising the current quality system effectiveness and the quality objectives established in accordance with the quality policy is to continually improve a company that provides resources for activities.