About Us

Akad, importers of medical equipments and devices and distributor since 1984. Our goal is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality products

Turkey is to provide the market with products providing technical support and after-sales go to these products.

Our mission is to forge strong links with our customers; Our customers look to us and trust our products are continuing to be heard and welcomed further strengthening.

Founded in 1984, Akad Foreign Trade. Inc., is among Turkey's leading company with a successful history.

Behind the success of Akad contact, customer-oriented and quality, fast support the central area has a management approach.

Akad Inc., Heine, Geuder, Akad Surgical instruments with its own brand as the brand number one in the world like dr.weigert is Turkey's only representative worldwide with Maxwell and Cupra quality continues to work to make a mark. Akad Inc., the value of the brand is not only within the borders of Turkey, aims to raise at the regional and global scale.

Akad Inc., offers services based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust at any time. As a result of this, creating prestigious brands in the world, Turkey is in an effort to represent the whole world.

Akad is the name of quality and reliability in Turkey, thanks to reliability posed by all these years of experience and will continue to adopt an their own brands.